Hey, I'm Not Going To Judge You...

1. If you always kind of think you're going to die when you fly.

"My wipers are so much faster than everyone else's! Crap."
2. If you've ever been self conscious of your windshield wiper speed level.

3. If you instantly crave mexican food when you hear mexican music.

4. If you've ever brought a magazine to a football game.

5. If you're frustrated by the amount of perfect, thoughtful, fiscally appropriate (ehh....) birthday gifts you find... for yourself.

6. If you've ever been given two sets of chopsticks with the chinese delivery you ordered for yourself.

7. If you always think about how hilarious it would be to write "sexual favors" on the what-this-check-is-for line of your checks.

8. If you've ever been saddened by the fact that Charlie Brown is a cartoon and not a real boy.

9. If you like potato skins and not potatoes.

10. If you've ever thought to yourself, "life would be so much better if I had the body of my shadow" (obviously disregarding the fact that you'd be 10 feet tall).

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