Creepy St. Nick

Tonight I was wondering (in the midst of getting berated at Coffee Bean for eating my spicy tuna roll in a "kosher establishment"... first off WHY is Coffee Bean kosher... doesn't that seem random? And also, uh, dude, tuna is kosher... I googled it), who decided it was a good idea to have children all over the world sit on the laps of strange, bearded, red velvet jumpsuit wearing, big-bellied men?

Santa can be scary. Evidence:

"RUN!!!!" Let's be honest big sis is a little creepy too.
"Why me?!"

"Sis, it sucks at first but you like it more every time."
You smell like reindeer sh*t
"I'd rather gag myself than be here!"

"Don't take me back! You don't know what I've seen!"

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