On My Mind

Listening To: The Eagles + Christmas music = guaranteed ear pleasure. 

Craving: Chocolate, like woah. I want to do this:
Or this... 

But NOT this: 

Or this: 

Is there a special relationship between asians and chocolate I should know about?

Coveting: the perfect party dress... Rebecca Taylor Strapless Silk Bustier Dress.

On My To Do List: Continue tackling Christmas shopping (what's on your list?), advise my Grandma on her purchases for my cousins (they can thank me later), make holiday crowns for my family to wear Christmas day... my brothers are so excited, spray paint pine cones gold for tabletop setting (among other crafty tasks), find vintage fur at rose bowl flea market this Sunday.

Watching: This gorgeous video by Radiolab. It shows how certain images depict specific words in different incarnations. I like it a lot.

Reading: According to this article, people are naming their babies after "16 and Pregnant" characters. Obviously, a classy idea.

Inspired By: Marie Claire's Style & Accessories Director, Taylor Tomasi Hill photographed by Citizen Couture.
On My Social Agenda: Well, as mentioned last week I've become quite the football game attendee. I even watched the entire game last Friday (minus sporadic check-ins with my blackberry and the snack shack... and a few conversations with the middle school girls that hang out in the bathroom and take pictures of each other). So, the point is I'll be at yet another high school football game this week since they... keep... winning. This particular game will have my heart torn up with conflicted emotion- my high school is pitted against my brother's for the CIF title! I'm loosing sleep over it! I also might go to this

Wondering: What ever happened to the people that were on Room Raiders? 

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