Tuesday's Top Ten; Top Ten Celebrity Crushes

Yesterday's post on the Blue Valentine trailer skyrocketed my crush on Ryan Gosling to new levels and also got me thinking about my favorite celebrities to look at. I've never considered myself one to have celebrity crushes but the more I daydreamed, the clearer it became that I just might have a few (ten). Here you go... you're welcome. 

James Franco... weird (in the best way) and dreamy. 

Jake Gyllenhaal. I don't like Taylor Swift anymore. 

David Beckham. I'd watch soccer for him. 

Ryan Reynolds. He's also pretty funny....and.... abs. 

John Krasinski. Funny hot.... sigh. 

Johnny Depp... Oldie but goodie. 

Paul Walker.... middle school crush that's still goin' strong.  

Ryan Gosling. If you like him as much as I do go to this site

Jason Segel... goofy hot. 

Hayden Christensen... pretty hot.

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