One Year Blogiversary

I hope you got me something sparkly because today we are celebrating our one year blogiversary. It's been quite a ride, full of inspiration, learning curves and self reflection.

To anyone that's ever stopped by this blog, thank you for your support, kind words, and just, you know, being here...

I happen to think it's very special to be able to share not only pretty and inspiring things, but also thoughts and musings on the important stuff (and obviously the not-so-important).

Like a good friendship this blog and I have done some questionable things together: OD'ed on caffeine and seriously contemplated the fright of Santa Claus; shared exciting news; questioned the complexity of the female mind; gossiped about what happened to us over the weekend; shared our mutual obsessions.

This past year I've felt more inspired, sartorially excited (fashion boner?) and artistically interested than ever before. So thank you for inspiring me and being a part of that journey.

If, just for kicks, you are like me and like to abuse your emotions with strong doses of nostalgia almost daily, here's where we started a year ago today.

As I said that day, I'll say again on our one year blogiversary: and so, here it goes. Please enjoy.




  1. I stop by your blog at least once a week because your writing never fails to make me laugh or smile. You are so talented, Jessica! Happy Anniversary!

  2. That is so exciting can't wait for my own fashion blog anniersary either hehe!!!

    Check out my fashion blog aand follow??

  3. happy blogiversary! it looks like it has been a fantastic year for you :)