Friday's Favorite Things

1. Art I Want:
(available here on Etsy) 

2. Couple I Like:

3. Current (all consuming obsession): vintage wallpaper

4. Thing I'd Like to Wear: 
(buy it here

5. Thing I'd Like to Eat:

And, five things I'm doing this weekend:

1. Concocting a theme for my 23rd (and obviously all important) birthday party
2. Building a wardrobe that matches the mid century fun and frivolity of the Parker Palm Springs (in anticipation of an upcoming trip)
3. Trying to be this glamorous when I grow up:

4. Working on my fake British accent
5. Hunting for vintage wallpaper to line my bookshelf (see obsession above)


Good luck out there this weekend. I hope you do one little, insignificant but magical thing. Or get good and saucy. Either way.


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1 comment:

  1. Silent friend of many distances, feel
    how space dilates with each breath of yours.
    Among the rafters of dark belfries peal
    your own sweet tones. Your predators

    will grow strong upon such fare.
    Know transformation in its varied sign.
    Which experience produces most despair?
    If drinking offend, transform yourself to wine.

    Be, in this immensity of night,
    the magic force at your sense's crossroad;
    the purpose of their mysterious plan.

    And though you fade from earthly sight,
    declare to the silent earth: I flow.
    To the rushing water say: I am.

    thanks...L.A. woman!