Pardon Me, I'm Up to Something....

I'm horrible at keeping secrets. I keep the big juicy ones when it counts, but for some reason any secret vaguely resembling good news dwells at the tip of my tongue, struggling to pepper every conversation with premature announcements.

It is for this reason, my friends, that I've been avoiding you like a three way mirror mixed with overhead lighting.

Basically, here's what you need to know: I'm stepping away from Jessica Daily for the next two weeks because I've got something brand spankin' new and a whole lot freakier in the works. I know we've just celebrated our one year blogiversary and we're feeling all fuzzy and stuff but I am taking this party to another level.

I hope you'll join me at the new destination and bring a plus one.

Details and formal invitation to come.


Stealthy, calculating lady


  1. Cute post! Looking forward to what you have in store!


  2. I absolutely love this pic!!