Psychedelic Night Out

Oh, hey there.

I'm currently exercising the strength of Poseidon to keep myself from opening a glistening, beckoning, seductive, bottle of wine.

At first I thought, "It's Wednesday. I'm young. I chatted politely with a crackhead on Lankershim blvd like a true lady. I. deserve. that. glass. of. wine."

But, then, with the steely determination that only comes from the looming disaster of bikini season, I thought, "Crack open a bottle of water and call it a party sugar buns."

So, here I am... doing that.

It's wild... and also completely irrelevant to this post... but hey- remember this bad boy?

Well, psychedelic flower dress had quite the night on the town.

Together we went to my friends' birthday party at Casa Escobar. If you haven't been there I would like to tell you that it occasionally smells like a sewer and there are sticky booths and Mexican blankets hanging on the walls.... and I love it.

I love it so much (especially after a couple patron + pineapples) that I decided to take you on a tour of Casa Escobar's highlights.

First, I modeled the lovely vinyl booths. These puppies stick to your thighs faster than carbohydrates:

Next I wanted to share the beauty of the plastic flowers:

Last up, the Taco Bell bell:
I have to tell you, this dress was just a happy dress and it had some standout qualities, the most important being the crotch accenting flower. 

You don't believe me? 
Who wouldn't want a flower accenting their lady bits? It's a real man-getter. 

Evidence of man-getting:
Okay I paid him. But you know... in theory. 


dress- vintage (from Cuffs); purse-vintage Chanel


  1. Love your dress! This is such a cute post and you look like you are having so much fun and you look fabulous too. So, the food must be pretty good here. Since I am in your neck of the woods, what is your recommendations for dishes to try at this restaurant?


  2. Hi LV! Thank you for your sweet comment. I have to be honest with you- I haven't eaten at Casa that many times (usually I'm just meeting friends at the bar) but I have had the enchiladas and they were good!

    I can tell you that the bartenders are pretty heavy handed too which can be a great and horrible thing.

    Thanks for reading!