I Graduated. Now What ?

It's hard for me to admit that it's been almost a month and a half since I graduated from college. I 've been finding a great amount of comfort in my default answer for strangers, "Well, I just graduated from USC last friday, last week, a few weeks ago, etc." But now, eight weeks just isn't as forgiving.

Today I've been thinking about what exactly I've been doing. I filmed a couple short films, had a handful of auditions, took some acting classes, attended a few acting workshops (okay, I'm sounding decently motivated). But most of the time I watched tivo-ed episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress," and "What Not to Wear." I've been taking yoga classes with old women (the only other people available around 11 am to exercise) and thinking about writing a blog. Thinking about it a lot actually... so here I am.

In between tear-inducing wedding shows (I know, there must be issues here), I've stumbled upon a bevy of gorgeous blogs that I'm quietly obsessed with now. I feel like the blogging community is a very stylish dinner party at an exclusive restaurant (in my world this would be the sort of restaurant that changes the menu of italian fare daily and has a wine list 10 times as long as its dinner counterpart) and I'm staring through the window with a look of creative hunger splashed across my face. I want in! I want to post interesting, thought-provoking, style inspiring, posts that someone besides my mom might want to read (hi Mom, no offense).

So, I've narrowed my blogging focus to a not so narrow criteria: anything I fancy. This mostly includes: travel, men (boys, whatever they are), books, wine, clothes, people who wear clothes in interesting ways, interior design (a recent obsession that I'm dreaming will manifest itself in my new apartment- which will make it's debut on this blog), entertainment, and humor (with a particular affection for jokes that are not dinner party appropriate).

And so, here it goes. Please enjoy.

One of my best friends Laugharn and I at our graduation party.

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