Tuesday's Top Ten; Ten Things to Like About Men

My newest series, "Tuesday's Top Ten" will feature ten things to love about a variety of subjects. This week I decided to focus on one of my favorite topics: men. Love 'em or hate 'em, (this distinction often depends on the time of the month) they do have some endearing qualities.

1. They smell good... like spicy, woodsy, musky (in a good way) creatures.

2. They eat the leftovers.

3. They open the door (the good ones at least).

4. They're easy to please: ESPN, cold beer, hands snuggled securely near balls = happiness.

5. They pick up your luggage at the airport.

6. They know it's a good idea "just to look" at the dessert menu even when you insist you're too full.

7. They're generally oblivious to smudged make-up and bad hair days. 

8. They're good for heavy lifting (or they will at least make a valiant effort to lift that sofa before concluding it must be "glued to the ground... or something").

9. They pee standing up... which is cool and convenient and impossible for women (sigh). 

10. They say what they mean. When they tell you "nothing is wrong"... nothing is wrong. When you say "nothing is wrong," you mean, "I'm pissed because you're late and you're wearing that ugly shirt again even though I hinted that I hated it last week by telling you I thought it was 'interesting.'"

Image via Occasional Superheroine

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