Tuesday's Top Ten; Ten Reasons You Know You Were in A Sorority

1. When riding any sort of bus you feel an urgent need to break out into vulgar songs.

2. You don't know what to wear on gameday without the option of your matching sorority gameday tee.

3. When people ask if you have any sisters you say, "yes, around 200."

4. Any time you're dressed up and taking pictures with a date you think, "it's just like an invite!"

5. You have perfected the multi-level squat in group pictures.

6. You're not phased by binge drinking before any sort of event (you're also not phased by tagging forty of your "best friends" in one picture).

7. You walk over to the apartment next to you in your towel and ask if you can borrow a dress because you just "have no clothes right now." You then realize your neighbor is a seventy-year-old woman that eats canned cheese and has cats. You feel uncomfortable.

8. You are the master of mass emails.

9. You enjoy reading announcements hung on the bathroom stall door.

10. The phrases "rush," "pinning," "Monday night dinner," "deliveries," "handle," and "exchange" mean something very different to you than the normal person. 

Image 1 via Giant Electric Penguin, Image 2 via Retro Space

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